Be The Change – Rock the Vote

Be The Change

We all have the ability to contribute to a brighter future, in different capacities.

As I read the news and follow along with local Political stories I feel compelled to assist in changing the narrative.

Running for Politics should not mean walking around with a moving target on your back.  How-ever in today’s day and age sadly this has been the case.  Even volunteering can push you out into a spot light that is un-nerving. 

My personal experience, working for our Ancaster BIA, Ancaster Farmers Market and volunteering with  the Ancaster Fair & Save Our Spring, is compounded by my experience with small business and the City of Hamilton.

This experience has inspired me, to create a Social Media Platform for all new Candidates for the 2018 Municipal and Provincial Election.

I have embarked on a new project of creating a safe and fair environment for Candidates to introduce themselves to our new expanded voter region of Ancaster, Dundas and Hamilton West.

I have resigned from my other volunteering capacities to focus on this project till the election day!

Let’s Rock The Vote!

Thank you

The Ancaster Factor!


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