Register to VOTE! – This Election is critical!

Climate change is real – we sit here iced over in the middle of April… things are different. Perhaps we don’t all agree with the Science behind climate change…. No doubt there is still a lot to learn. This Political season I hope that we all still consider Climate and the Earth as a sustainable, integral and necessary component for all of our Provincial & Municipal hopefuls. Of course, the economy should be high on our lists too but, you can’t eat Money. Local and Sustainable – is critical if you want to Be the Change

The Candidates Guide for Municipal Council and School Board Elections can be found here.

If you are more on the voting side – make sure that your Voting Registration is up to date.

Visit Elections Ontario and update your voting your info, especially if you are new to the area, or just turning 18. Make your voice heard – by Registering to Vote!

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